What are the Health Benefits of Energy Medicine?

Whether you want to receive healing for pain relief, emotional or mental trauma, energy level balancing to guide you through a life transition, or to develop yourself spiritually and consciously, energy healing has endless advantages.

My time spent in session with clients so far has shown me first-hand what Energy Medicine is capable of, some of the benefits are :

  • Accelerates recovery from surgery, illness, aches and pains

  • Alleviates side effects of cancer treatment

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Connects you to those life-changing ‘ AH-HA ‘ lightbulb moments

  • Enhances the body's natural healing process

  • Increases intuition and creativity

  • Promotes Relaxation / restoration / rejuvenation

  • Aids anxiety and stress and promotes calmness

  • Improves sleep

  • Addresses chronic fatigue

  • Helps to remove mental blockages; improving clarity, direction and focus

  • Increases self-esteem and overall confidence

  • Balances emotional energy to help deal with depression

  • Reconnection to life force energy and natural rhythm

  • Increases well-being / happiness / joy / love / opportunity / success / abundance

  • Strengthens spiritual connection

  • Upgrades feelings of connectedness - to yourself / others / life / nature / signs & synchronicity

Energy Medicine can assist with :

  • Revealing the root cause of sickness - especially those pesky physical ailments that continue to show up for "no reason"

  • Clearing past trauma and past pain

  • Letting go of limiting belief systems - conscious and/or subconscious patterns

  • Addiction to thought and the thinking mind - the No.1 addiction many humans suffer from!

  • Life transitions and challenging times

  • Addiction and substance abuse

  • Eating disorders

  • Many other conditions not responding to standard medical treatments are ideally treated with reiki

  • General maintenance of overall energy, health and wellbeing

Energy Medicine compliments :

All forms of therapy, medication, treatment plans, detox, rehabilitation programs and hospice care.

Reiki can be a great comfort, helping to promote a sense of peace and acceptance for the dying and their families.

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