Change Your Energy.
Change Your Life.

I am a Reiki Practitioner specialising in
Biofield Balancing, Shadow Work  
& Practical Self-Care



The ‘Law of Conservation of Energy’ is a fundamental law underpinning science that states ‘energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted from one form to another'. Meaning, energy can only be changed.

At Rewire Energy Healing I live by, and consciously embody, this law.

Humans, we are a manifestation of different energies. Everything from our thoughts to our emotions and actions is energy.

If we are to experience growth, healing, integration, transformation or realignment, an energetic shift needs to occur. That is what a transformation is, an energetic shift.

Have you ever had an awakening experience and said “Yes this is it ! This is the moment where I change my life or behaviour or thinking!“, and you really feel it to be true. Only to fall back into old patterns a few weeks or months later, feeling like you are back at square one again and wondering what went wrong and why.

Well, this is because there wasn’t an energetic shift to support that aspiration.




A certain frequency can be found in all forms of life experiences and at Rewire Energy Healing, I can work with you to transform the energy in your area of disharmony, or to increase your area of harmony, and assist in maintaining an optimal level of health and wellbeing.  I am an experienced in:
  • Trauma
  • Physical pain
  • Illness and disease
  • Stress, worry and anxiety
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Addictive behaviours and obsessions
  • Disruptive and intrusive thoughts
  • Dysfunctional belief systems
  • Life transitions
  • Energy maintenance for those already on the road to recovery and life mastery
  • Postoperative healing acceleration
  • Post Chemo / Radiotherapy healing


We will work together to transform your energy and aid your healing process. Under my guidance, energy therapy will rewire you back to health on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Following the Usui Shiki Ryoho ( The Usui System of Natural Healing ) I use the therapeutic touch of traditional Usui Reiki along with other healing modalities such as reflexology, breathwork, crystal healing, colour therapy, sound healing, ancient shamanic teachings, meditation and mindfulness techniques and the power of positive affirmations, to maximise healing potential by balancing the body’s energy systems.

Allow me to be your guide and help you have a change in energy, a change in balance and a change in life.

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